Human Resources Consultancy

Human Resources Consultancy

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It is our mission to be the lifetime partner of our clients for all of their recruitment and HR needs, which is why we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of HR Consultancy services spanning the employee lifecycle. We partner with our clients to deliver a range of services that aim to develop the human potential and HR processes within your organization. Each of our HR solutions is specifically designed to address your HR needs.

Our world-class HR professionals have wide ranging and varied experience in multiple geographies and industry sectors.

Our HR services focus on these areas:

Competency Models

Together with you, we define the objective criteria for evaluating hard-to-measure parameters of work performance, work behaviour and employee development.

What specific services we offer:

  • Competency maps and behavioural criteria
  • Job Description – set up, audit
  • Individual Diagnostics

Get the most accurate picture of the strengths of your prospective and existing employees, their suitability for the job role and areas where further development is needed.

The service contains these specific products:

  • Psychological evaluation – Talent Q psychometric testing
  • Assessment Centre/Development Centre

Training and Development

Elixir assists its clients to identify the needs of their employees, to plan and to implement the development activities. We fit the development and learning activities to the needs of the company as well as the individual employees so that they are beneficial and effective and in line with with the whole system of work, goals and corporate values.
Specific products contained in the service:

Development Needs Analysis

  • Development Centre
  • 360° feedback
  • Structured behavioral interview

Implementation of Training and Development Activities

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • HR Processes Diagnostics and Optimization

We will provide you with the insight into the efficiency of setting and functioning of the HR system or its individual process steps. Ideally, the HR work is based on systematic setting of particular processes which are interconnected.
Complex and unbiased mapping of HR processes within the context of the specific system of HR practices in the company, evaluation and further recommendations for the optimization leading towards increased efficiency and productivity within those processes, alongside with boosted attractiveness and improved understanding for current and potential employees.

We share with you the responsibility for the future of your employees who soon will be available on the labour market. We support managers who need to successfully manage a transition period, as well as employees who remain in the company and are expected to maintain a stable level of work motivation.

What specific products the service contains:

  • Group outplacement
  • Individual outplacement
  • Support to managers while communicating the change
  • Support to remaining employees