Basic rules:
It’s your goal to make sure your CV gets the attention it deserves. Your CV is written for your future employer, not for yourself. Your CV must be relevant, brief and most importantly, well structured.

What your CV must include
Personal and contact details

Education + training courses and study programs abroad
Job experience from the most recent to the oldest
Language skills, computer skills
Other skills or knowledge, certificates and licences
Driving licence

What you are not obliged to write in your CV
You do not need to write intimate or delicate details: gender, family status, number of children, health or information about your criminal record.

Three other useful tips for your CV
Be ready to explain every detail of your CV Can you talk in detail about each item on your CV during the interview? You should know what you have written, but you don’t have to memorise it.

Write more than one CV
Every company is different and is also looking for different candidates with specific skills. Modify your CV to the role you are applying for. Make sure that your CV has all details written in the job advertisement.

Keep your CV updated
You never know when you will come across a new work opportunity. Always, be prepared and have an updated CV on hand. Don’t let the time it takes you to redo an old CV cost you the job.

Create a modern CV online:
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Do you want to write your CV by yourself?
Our CV templates can also help you create your CV, see below.
We want you to write a successful (winning) CV. If you are invited to an interview, you can also read How to prepare for an interview and Frequently asked interview questions to give yourself the competitive