Operations Head

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1. Resources Planning according to the customer schedules.

2. Meeting with all HOD about Production Target and New Implementation online for Achieving target.

3. Ensure no Customer complaints.

4. Check at shop floor for the improvements and 5S activity’s

5. Responsible for the Safety awareness in plant and planning to improve it.

6. Check consumable, Spares cost W.R.T Sale and Manage it.

7. Execution of resource utilization and optimization.

8. Analysis with the team for rejection and reduction in rework and actions planning with the team execution of VA/VE & cost saving projects.

9. Review monthly MRM data of the depts. And action plans to improve the efficiency of the plant.

10. Monthly submitting the MRM data analysis to top management.

11. Responsible as a Operation Head of Press Shop Production/ (Heavy Presses) /Weld Shop Assembly/Robotic Production/Quality

12. Robot handling & Robotic line handling.

13. Responsible for efficiency and productivity of 3 shifts in production area.

14. Execution & smooth functioning of production-assembly process. Overall responsible for process & systems development for assembly operations.

15. Utilization of resources like man, machine and material.

16. Involve technically & commercially to make project successfully, set up Plant from grass to supply customer.

17. System implementation in Plant like DWM,PRM, CRM, Capex, QAV etc.

18. Support to Quality regarding Customer issues, IHR issues and actions implementations and sustenance

19. Support to Development & Quality team for new business & New line to clear QAV at different level from RFQ to SOB

20. Study of process feasibility, automation feasibility and implementation

21. Implementations of auto handling through Gantry & Positioner at line

22. Responsible for line balancing to increase the production

23. Analysis of quality related defect and there countermeasure

24. To study and identify the area if improvement and develop an innovation in process by implementing kaizen and mistake proofing.

25. New line installation & Design line layout.

26. TPM implementation for JH/PM/QM/KK.

27. Interaction with customer for monthly supply and daily supply Plan.

28. Responsible for line balancing & Lead time reduction.

29. Line balancing, operations sequence, process optimization, layout planning for Assembly. Robot mastering, Axis teaching, Calibrations. Interacting with other department to smooth flow of assembly line.


Team Leader, Effective technical skills

Analytical Skills, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Teamwork

Communication skills

High level of personal organization and time management skills

Able to cope with pressure and work in a fast -paced environment.

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