Mechanical Design Engineer(With the leading durable MNC)

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Saifi Naurien
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This position is archived.
This position is archived.
Job description

Main work content covers the following key areas of responsibilities:

1.Planning of the projects

The function development engineer clarifies the task from the perspective of the primary function and addresses customer needs in order to balance it with the project objectives. Based on this an understood development task is described and then committed. For the development activities, the function development engineer sets up a detailed technical project planning on the level L1-L3 (according to the needed level).

2.Requirements management

The function development engineers manages requirements referring to the primary function given relevant internal and external norms, standards and other requirements. The function development engineer supports/contributes also during the elaboration/development phase of the commercial/user requirements.

3.Elaboration, evaluation and choice of partial solutions wrt primary function

The FunDev focuses on specific partial solutions namely the key/primary functions of a device. The FunDev is responsible to identify, explore and understand the range of parameter interactions and its consequences. The FunDev is responsible to provide solutions that can be industrialized given reasonable constrains (e.g. manufacturability, costs etc.). This includes:

a)Function analysis and synthesis as a basis for system understanding and definition in alignment with the I&D team;

b)Developing of new effective principles (incorporating physical principle + material + geometry) or enhancing of existing functionalities based on customer needs resp. commercial requirements;

c)Elaboration of functional parameters which influence the primary function (attribute + value + unit + tolerance + measurement method);

d)Determination of functional parameters and its interactions by application of theoretical and empirical approaches (e.g. modelling & simulation, laboratory testing, DoE’s and/or measurements and/or customer tests, but not limited to);

e)Documentation of output and progress (Function Model History Book);


The function development engineer reports the status of the development related tasks into the project team. He/she is responsible for escalating function/concept related issues to secure the initiation of containment activities. Escalation level #1: project manager, escalation level #2: Group lead AD/ Engineeing manager/ FunDev/SA;


The function development engineer has to interact with the following interfaces:

a)Project team members

b)Testing related interfaces e.g. PRC, TL, T&V,


Functional competency:

  • Domestic appliance/consumer durable domain knowledge,
  • DFSS/GB or BB preferred.
  • Product Design & Development, Prototype Development/Testing exposure.
  • Exposure and practice to Architecture / System engineering.
  • BIS related to home appliance products / IEC.
  • Patent procedures and exposure.
  • Strength of materials- Material selection knowledge in min two of these- Plastics, S.S., Alloys & Rubber.
  • Machine design knowledge.
  • Good in Conceptualization and Ideation considering the requirements of Marketing/Consumer.

Technical Competency:

  • R&D design team handling in the previous role.
  • Electromechanical product Engineering Design
  • Design review, Local and Global
  • Tolerance studies, GD & T Exposure

Exposue to the new skill set and tools of designing.

Other notes
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This position is archived.
This position is archived.